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set up / labour fees

Our set up fee covers the cost of downloading and importing your file, checking for errors, interpreting instructions and materials and sending it all through to the laser.

Our standard fee is $15 for simple well laid out drawings, increasing in $15 increments if your files are more complex, difficult to interpret or of a larger quantity that takes more time. The majority of jobs are $15-30 in set up cost.

Our labour fee (if required) covers any additional work beyond the standard laser cutting job. Our standard fee is $60 per hour plus GST.

If you cannot supply us with a vector file, or your file needs changes made we may charge for drawing time.

Labour can also cover manual work besides laser cutting such as milling, sanding, peeling, painting, staining and construction.

Protective Paper / Double Sided Tape

extra options

protective paper – is available and is recommended for all materials where the appearance of the cut surface is paramount. It will help to prevent flaring and smoke marks. It can also be used to protect card surfaces.When scored with the laser, the paper can be used as a paint mask by peeling up sections to be painted.

note – acrylic already comes with a protective film. We remove the front layer to avoid burning and melt marking prior to cutting, but the top surface of acrylic is not particularly affected by flaring.

double sided tape – is available and can be applied before laser cutting. It is especially useful when laminating layers of material as in a contour model.

tip – consider how your pieces will be assembled as part of the design process, rather than as an after-thought. Avoid messy glue joins by integrating tabs and slots on your pieces or use double-sided tape rather than liquid adhesives.

Material Costs


We put a lot of effort into making sure we have a large range of affordable materials in stock ready for you to use. The material costs in your quote is charged based on how much/many of our sheets are required to complete your cutting. We charge based on a quarter, half or full sheet depending on the drawing and we may rearrange objects to reduce waste and the cost to you. We don’t charge any extra if you supply your own material. Click here for our full materials price list.

Laser Cutting Costs

cut score raster laser

The laser cutting costs are charged based on the time your file takes to cut in the laser. For cutting and scoring the laser needs to trace every line in your drawing slow enough to have the desired effect on the material. Hence thicker and more dense materials are slower and cost more than thin, light materials and complex curves are more expensive than straight lines. Duplicate lines get cut twice so make sure to double check that there aren’t multiples hiding under one another.

Raster engraving works more like traditional printing in that the laser moves down the page in a series of horizontal lines turning rapidly on and off to engrave your file. As such it is almost always best to group objects that need to be rastered closely together in one part of your drawing ideally in horizontal lines. Where as scoring is based on the number of lines, the cost of raster engraving is proportional to the total surface area that needs to be covered so it is great at conveying lots of detail in a small space.

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  • Most small and medium jobs can be completed within 1-2 days of receiving your approval of our quote. Larger jobs are usually completed within a week or two depending on the scale of the project. For production quantity runs we can split projects into smaller batches to be delivered weekly of fortnightly. We will always give a firm time-frame with every quote, but be sure to ask if you need your cutting done in a faster timeframe - We try to accommodate even silly requests!
  • Accepted file formats:
    ai, dwg, dxf, eps, svg and PDF.
    Please export 3dm and other 3D file types as a 2D vector such as DXF.
    Maximum file size: 128MB
    Maximum number of files: 10

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